Monday, October 17, 2011

A Note on My Meds

So I realized today I am putting a ton of chemicals into my body, and somewhere along the line, someone figured out which each of them would do to a person without screwing up other things. They also figured out which ones you can mix and match and which ones you can't.

That's pretty amazing. So in a tribute to Science, I give you:


Vancomycin - IV anti-biotic focused towards fighting gram positive bacteria
Cefepime - IV anti-biotic focused towards fighting gram negative bacteria
Micafungin - IV anti-fungal
Tylenol - (as needed, 4 times daily) Pill fever reduction
Allopurinol - (once daily) Reduces uric acid in my system to avoid things like gout
Sevelamer (4x a day) - Binds to loose phosphates in my system to protect other organs during chemo
Vitamin K (as needed) - Clotting factor
Cytarabine (168 hours) - Chemotherapy
Idarubicin - (1x daily, first three days) IV push chemotherapy
Zofran - (as needed) IV antinausea
Compazine (as needed) - pill antinausea
Ativan (as needed) - IV push anti-nausea
Lasix (as needed) - IV push diuretic

Chlorhexidine (2x daily) - Industrial strength minty fresh mouthwash
Nystatin, with cherry flavour (3-4x daily) Antifungal mouthwash... I get to swallow this one.

Donated products:
Blood (strait up) - Gives me red blood cells, raising my HTC levels to hopefully above 24.0.
Plasma (on the rocks) - Gives me natural clotting factors
Platelets (Shaken, not stirred*) - Allows those clotting factors to actually do something... kinda worthless without platelets

Well that seems to be about it for now. I'm sure as time goes on this list will ebb and flow. But as a snapshot I think it does an interesting job showing what I'm doing with myself these days.

*Did you see what I did there? James Bond reference. Clever, precious, yesss.

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Anonymous said...

Pharmacuetical Companies Rock!!! Those back office lab geeks that got bullied in high school help save lives.