Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Morning!

At least it feels like morning. Waking up every hour last night for different reasons including bathroom, vitals, and anti-biotics changes. Then around 0500 they decided that they were worried about my bone marrow biopsy suddenly bleeding again, so they wanted to give me platelets.

But because of my plasma-hives encounter a few days ago, I've been flagged for all blood products.

So I get 25cc's of benadryl at 0530. 7 hours later I wake up and eat breakfast. So although it's just about 1pm, I've only recently woken up, and my day has yet to get started.

Quick updates:

I opted to help science by including myself in a new study drug, but I failed my required EKG test so we're putting it off until tomorrow or saturday.

My room looks awesome because Kym has been decorating it with halloween and pictures.

Heroes of Might and Magic III is still one of the best games ever.

I've been getting many cards from a lot of people and can definitely feel the love, so thank you everybody!

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Jadine said...

Thinking of you, Bulwyf. Sending love and positive thoughts.