Thursday, October 13, 2011

Good Morning!

It's a beautiful day outside! I can see the reflections of passersby on the roads and the grey clouds are blocking out any idea that a sun once existed. I was hoping to wake up with the sun this morning, but it seems now like that may have been a foolhardy proposition. The good news is that a nice lady from the kitchen called asking for my breakfast order and that prompted me to get up a little bit. Following that conversation, the physical therapist came in and set me up with some workout stuff on a bicycle. The thing about working out during all of this is not to beef up for a race or an Iron Man™ competition, but rather to just keep a shadow of my conditioning alive so that when I get out of here, returning to my daily routine will be as easy as pie.

Mmm. I love me some pie. Especially pumpkin pie. I think pumpkin pie has always been my favorite type of pie. Pumpkin ale is a great beverage, and salted/baked pumpkin seeds are a delectable dish. Pumpkins rule.

How am I feeling today?

Well it's been a little over twelve hours since the chemo began, and last night when I woke up I felt a little nauseous. Other than that, I feel pretty okay. Nothing major going on right now. I had a good laugh when the nurse came in to draw my daily labs and it didn't involve a needle in my arm. I'm hoping to get a good picture of my right arm so you can all understand why I am psyched about my blood spigot.

That's all for now. I'll update ya'll as relavant updates become available/I feel like writing!

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