Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bring on the Chemo!

My gimbals are good. My pitch is good.

T minus 15 minutes to my first 168 hours of chemotherapy.

Today was the first day since checking in that I have not needed oxycodone in order to walk around without wincing. I can finally use both arms freely now that my fluids and antibiotics are going into my blood spigot...

Let me just say, I've had blood drawn twice today since surgery, and guess how many times I had a needle go into my arm in a painful and poking motion. Well I'll give you a hint: If I had no hands, I could count the number of times on my fingers. Get it? Zero. Zero times.

It makes me feel like a pirate who just boarded a powerless ship and took all of the booty, screaming, "Argh! 'tis my gold, to be sure!"

Where was I? Ahh yes. I washed out my mouth with anti-fungal goo (being neutropenic means the mouth is now extra vulnerable to invasion). I got to eat a hot dog and mac&cheese. Now I'm watching Law and Order. There is a character named Mr. Jenkins. His first name may or may not be Leroy, but as it stands I can't take this episode seriously.

Chemo in T minus 5 minutes.



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