Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bleeker Street

Greetings all on this beautiful rainy morning!

I must say, there are few better ways to wake up to a raining morning than with Simon and Garfunkel's Bleeker Street playing on a nearby set of speakers. I'm listening to a compilation album of their hits, of which they have many. When I was living and working in NYC, I would wear these huge white headphones called HN-7506s. They have the same driver as the professional-favorite Sony MDR-7506s, but these are made by Remote Audio and the place the drive into helicopter cups to market them as "High Noise" (HN) headphones.

Let me tell you, they rock. I knew a few people who used them before I did, one of which was a former employer, Shoefly. He highly recommended them, and then I got a chance to use them on set a few months later and that solidified my decision.

It was a pretty solid decision. And the best part was that I could now ride the subways hither and thither while listening to soft music, not plugging my ears in annoyance any time a train came, or someone started talking loudly or asking for money. I wouldn't even have to turn up my volume when I got onto the 14th street L platform to block out the hacks banging some old pieces of garbage loudly thinking that it's ironic. In their stupid hats and their striped pants.

I'm a hipster hater. So there. I don't think any reasonable person can live in Williamsburg for 2 years and not begin to loathe the people who walk the streets below.

But my point is that listening to Simon and Garfunkel while commuting to and from work is the best way to keep one relaxed. It's hard to imagine something going wrong on a day when you listen to The 59th Street Bridge Song walking in the door.

And that's how today feels.

It's my last last day of cytarabim, the 168 hours of Chemotherapy. I have my appetite back and ate corn flakes for breakfast. This afternoon I'm meeting my medical team and hopefully talking about a plan for the next 5 months of treatment.

And the best part?

Once I'm disconnected from this mobile IV tower, I'm allowed to take my first shower in a week.

The answer to your next question is "Yes. I do smell like old feet wrapped in rubbery burnt bacon, but I won't after tonight around 8:00!"

I just popped on the 59th Street Bridge Song and I'm feelin' pretty groovy about today.

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