Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stardate 270

Hi. My name is Bulwyf. (Hi, Bulwyf!) I've been sober for 277 days today.

I've also been in Cambridge for 9 months today. 9 months and a few hours ago, shit hit the largest fan I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing shit hitting.

As a special post, I've decided to write about a few common misconceptions about Boston, Massachusetts. Enjoy.

Misconception #1:
Boston is a town of thatched roofs and cobblestone streets.

Truth: Boston is actually very advanced in their building abilities. While it remains true that many sidewalks in Cambridge are still built of either cobblestone or something resembling it, the roads themselves are indeed paved. The ideas of steel and glass, originating of course in Quebec in the late 1830s, have also made their way into town. You will find a surprising amount of well built structures.

Misconception #2:
Redcoats still patrol the streets.

Truth: In 9 months, I have yet to see a redcoat anywhere.

Misconception #3:
As Boston is a city, you will not find turkeys roaming the streets. They are flightless stupid birds that live "out there," beyond the outskirts.

Truth: It is not uncommon to see a Turkey or a few meandering around the streets, paying little attention to passers-by. Also, wild turkeys are smart, like velociraptors. Scary part? They can fly too.

Misconception #4:
The Charles river is longer than the Hudson.

Truth: No. It is not.

Misconception #5:
Boston is not as good as NYC.

Truth: NYC is not as good as Boston.

Misconception #6:
There is very little shared public space in Boston.

Truth: There is a ton of public space here. Remember that arboretum? Public, no fee to enter. The entire Charles River is cushioned by a layer of nice public green space on each side, providing miles and miles of walking/running/biking paths as it twists around the city. I do enjoy it.

The last drink I had was at Nittany's house, ≈ 277 days ago. I drank a Yuengling Lager.

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Roomie said...

I very much enjoy #6. I also like that you have corrected #5. Well done.