Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sailboats are Weird.

I would love to go back in time to the conversation where someone invented a sailboat:

Bill looks out on the water. It sure is windy this day in the past. Kym walk up.

"What are you pondering, Bill?" she asks.

Bill takes a moment, staring out under his furrowed brow. "Do you see the water out there?"

"Well, sure I do!"

"Well.. okay... you see how... you see how the wind is going, that way?" He makes a gesture to the left.

"Why Bill, the wind always blows that way in the summertime!"

"Of course, of course. But.. well I have a neat idea."


"I think what we should do is take a boat... put a big-ass sail on it, and make it go THAT way!" He gestures to the right.

Kym looks at him, and her brow is now furrowed.

"Alright Bill."

Seriously... sailboats are WEIRD.

Anyway, I went kayaking on Friday. Went a solid 13.5 miles all while listening to the first 8 Beethoven symphonies and the first movement of the 9th. It was a good time and I'm glad that my strength seems to be returning. This GvH seems to have leveled off, but I'm not yet convinced it is going down. I guess we'll see tomorrow.

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