Sunday, June 24, 2012

Laundry Day!

I have a riddle for you.

What did Bulwyf do today?

"Not fair, sssssss!" you say? Okay, well I'll give you three guesses.

Nope, I did not paint my hand.

Nope, I did not cut something with a knife.

And I didn't find a piece of string, nor did I do nothing.

For the first time since September 2011, today I did my own laundry! I wasn't allowed to for a while for the same reason I wasn't allowed to clean. Probably not best for me to be around all that dirty stuff. But as time slowly goes on I'm able to do more and more. Now, I still shouldn't do others' laundry, just my own, and though I can clean my pots here and there, I think Dr. Grant prefers I stay away from the kitchen sink for the most part. Vacuuming (or for those of you in Pittsburgh, sweeping), is still far from being on the table. It kicks up dust and inhalants, and respiratory issues seem to be the things most people are worried about.

But, I can now bring back my middle name from my time in the mafia. "the laundry man"

Bulwyf "The Laundry Man" Broclergaard.

I think this calls for some Supertramp!

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