Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Boston Arboretum

Well, I intended to upload some sweet photos from my journey last Wednesday. Harriott came up and we walked around an arboretum. I had never been to one before. Basically, it's a big park with trees from around the world. The land was donated to Harvard back in the day and now they keep it nice and fun. I walked up a big hill, which winded me, but it felt nice to get out and push myself just a little bit more.

To be honest, I can be kind of lazy, so I'm happy Harriott got me out of the house. I would upload photos, but this website keeps giving me error messages.

Big day on Wednesday! Getting a CT scan to look for fungal nodules on my lungs, liver, and spleen. Mmmm.... fungal nodules. If it's clean, I can finally stop taking those blasted almond shaped pills... remember those? What I find funny is that I used to fear x-rays because of the radiation exposure... but after what I've gotten in only the past 6 months, it suddenly doesn't feel so bad.

Best news is that it's only a chest CT, not an abdominal one. This means I don't need to drink barium for 2 hours before the scan, nor will I need to get an injection of contrast into my veins.

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