Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Note to Pill Makers

How hard is it to make an easily swallowable pill? During my stay here I have had very large pills and very small pills. Guess what. Those large pills weren't hard to swallow. They were shaped well and very easy to take.

Then there are those few who try to look cool for no good reason at all. Why do you need to shape your pill like a freaken almond? Just make it a circle. Or an oval. I feel like we've had pills for long enough, it should be pretty clear what pill shapes are easier to swallow than others. And it has nothing to do with size. I have to take massive potassium pills that go down like nothing. But I have to take these damned almond shaped antifungals for the next 4 months at least that, if I'm lucky, get caught in my throat on my first try. Usually it stops on my tongue and I have to drink more and try again, all the while the disgusting taste moves throughout my mouth.

Seriously. Whatever company decided it was a good idea to make a pill with pointy edges should be shut down by the FDA for being dumbasses.

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