Friday, November 11, 2011

"Home. I'm Going Home."

Say that with a Russian accent and guess the movie.

But I just talked to Onk. The most recent bone marrow biopsy is.......



But Onk says it looks good, she went just short of saying I'm in remission. There are a few immature monocytes chillin' out in my marrow, but it's hard to tell if they're cancerous or not. Normally they stain for CD34, but apparently my cells are negative for CD34. That's mildly disturbing because CD34 is kind of a big deal in the body. I'm hoping she was just talking about these specific cells.

So the plan:

I'm heading to Kym's place tonight and will stay there until my outpatient appointments next week. I have a dental appointment at 10am on Monday and another bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday. Hopefully that will be conclusive enough to determine if I can go to Thanksgiving dinner and then get my transplant or get another round of chemo and spend another month in recovery. I'd really just like to know.