Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Is about where I peaked. This weekend was terrible and things still aren't going too well. But there is some good news. The doctors have isolated the cause as a blood yeast infection.

Ugh. That's frustrating. Yeast has a tendency to stick to things like.... blood spigots!

So the only way I get over this newest hurdle is by removing my blood spigot, treating with anti-fungals, producing negative blood cultures (no blossoming!) for two days and then getting my blood spigot put ba...


I can't get another blood spigot that soon after taking one out, so they are going to put in what's called a "pick." This is basically a blood spigot in my arm instead of my chest. In the meantime, I'll have two peripheral IV's set up so I can still get different antibiotics and fluids.

I haven't gotten out of bed much and have gotten 3 pints on blood, but I felt good enough to write it in so I wrote it in.

End of story.


Jadine said...

Sorry to hear that things are not going great at the moment(key word being moment). I really hope you start feeling better than you are right now. Positive thoughts to you.

Derfel Cadarn said...

Hang tough, buddy, better days ahead!

Anonymous said...

Well Bulwyf, I am trying again. I can't seem to get this. Not very computer literate! LOL. I am sorry to hear things are a little rough right now. We are sending moooocho positive energy your way. The girls are moooooving energy your way too. :)

Ron Vega said...

Hang in there man, better days are ahead!