Wednesday, February 6, 2013

That 70's Show

Well... we're back, in the hospital again...

Yeah, but at least we're out of the tree.

So I'm back at it. The biopsy results showed us that the leukemia was once again on the move, so I just finished another delicious cocktail of chemotherapy drugs. Hopefully by mid-March we'll know if it did the trick. The strange thing this time around is how well my body seems to be tolerating the toxicity of the chemo itself. The nurses and I got on a pretty good schedule with pre-medicating more nausea and appetite, and I also started something called Marinol.

For those not familiar, the active ingredient in marijuana is THC. It's fat soluble which is why it can show up on urine tests up to a month after use. Well, in our federal government's infinite wisdom, they decided that the plant itself should be illegal across the board, even medical reasons. BUT, a few folks figured out how to synthisize the THC in a lab and pass it off as a prescription drug. It helps with eating, drinking, and it decreases nausea. That seems to be a-ok with the feds and so here I sit.

Every other round of chemo had me losing weight at the get go, and losing about 15-25 lbs per treatment. This time, I'm not losing weight at all and might actually be gaining more weight back after the chemo I got in December. I'm also on prednisone which helps with appetite and energy.

I've been given permission to play the hospital's baby grand piano after 6pm, so that's on the menu for today if I'm feeling up to it by then. It's hard to say because things can change by the hour.

Well that's about all I have right now.

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